Monday, March 14, 2011

Ishigaki L- Glutathione - does this have a Bad Side Effects?

I'm in badly need of a  great advice for this certain situation about oral intake Glutathione, and as a customer, take note this is my first time, that i really got intrigue to try this kind of method of making skin looks fairer and whiter.

So one day, when i was having my spare time Window Shopping Online, i saw this "Ishigaki (L-Glutathione) Capsules" in its shop and plus with its Before and After effect.

which the photos makes me more interested, i message the owner of the shop right away after i saw it, but i didn't get a response from the owner yet, so i tried to google it, to really get to know what this Oral Intake Glutathione really does for the body and would it cost a Bad Side Effect too, and i also tried to find more Online Shop who offers a great price who can accomodate me in my questions, since i ask a lot first to really make sure.

And i know that you also would feel and do the same if you want to be beautiful, you also need to know what it could do while intaking it.

So here are some of my questions:1. Does this have a Bad Side Effect?

2. Ishigaki (L- Glutathione) contains 60 capsules in 1 Bottle, its good for 30 days/ 1 month. 2 capsules a day should be taken with Vitamin C, so is this the right procedure on how to intake it? each capsules contains 1000 mg, would it be okay to take 2 capsules a day?

3. If ever i consume 3-5 bottles already and i decided to stop intaking it, because i got contented on how my skin tone acheived, would i get any Bad Side Effect? would it cause anything like: pimple breakouts, blackheads, rashes or anything for the user? or could this cause or might trigger Cancer?

4. A friend of mine told me, Oral Intake Glutathione might harm the user's kidney, is this true?

5. We all know that Fake products or imitations are just around the corner, and everywhere, so does "Ishigaki l-glutathione" have fake too or imitations? and if it does how can we able to identify it?

And here's a sample photos of the "Ishigaki l-glutathione" from two different Online Shop's who sells it, so tell me, does this two photos make sense at all,.?
please what does the fake one looks?

So if you have stories, experienced (whether a friend of yours have used it, or your mom and dad, or even your neighbor, or yourself) about this product that you could share, please do, cOz i would really appreciate it, and it would be a big help for others too,.

Just comment below, and aside fom the questions if you have something to add on, whether a question or an answer for the questions or even the things we missed in this topic, please feel free to write it down,.Thank you So Much,..=)


  1. How can I order or have it that is not fake?How much per bottle? milo

  2. hi sis! did you try this brand? how was it? did you learn which one is fake and which one isn't?

  3. answer to question 1, glutathione doesnt have bad side effects.. the only side effects, it boost's your immune system preventing free radicals to enter your has the ability to detoxify with the help of vit C and Alpha Lipoic Acid which is known as antioxidant too therefore it has the effect of glowing skin. Both Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic acid is water soluble.our body can only process 600mg of glutathione, the excess intake of glutathione and A is excreted through urine or sweat.
    Answer # 2: i once had the chance to use this product, and honestly it quiet did its job on me, but not 100% satisfied. This product is not FDA or BFAD aprroved. i believed they manufacture this product under the table, from my point of does have the glutathione but they exxagertae the contents on the label. instead of 250mg they make it 500-1000 mg, Shady huh? u may take 2 capsules a day if it really contains 1000 mg since glutathione is water soluble .
    Answer #3 : it doesnt have bad side effects when you stop taking it , but when you stop taking it you also loose the antioxidant effect in your body so you might have pimple breakouts or skin imperfection. Remember, they are antioxidant when you loose antioxidant you also loose the ability of the body to fight back against free radicals/bad is considered antioxidant and water soluble so it is not cancerous.
    Answer #4: not true at all, again it is bcoz gluta and Alpha is both water soluble
    Answer #5 : Seller will do evrything they can to sell their product. Dont buy their marketing strategy that easy.Weather they tell you which fake or not yoou should still not consider taking this products that doesnt have crediblity. Just be careful

  4. Hi! Good Day! I just want to ask on how we can determine if it's fake or not? Where can I buy one in Cebu?

    1. Hi sis.. we are the legit sellers of Authentic Ishigaki, we're an affiliate of Healthyway Trading which is the makers and distributor of Ishigaki. We take care of orders and inquiries from the south. Txt/call 09175440261. Please check our newly created page @

    2. Link is no longer available...

  5. i think the blue label is fake. Just search in the ebay. Ebay dont sell fake items.

  6. The sealed with a blue lettering is fake. The black is the authentic one which is on the left side of the picture. The result of ishigaki is yellowy white.

  7. Just visit ishigaki L-glutathioneCebu the seller is legit and she will meet you up personally if possible.

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  10. Sa mga nagtatanung panu masure kung authentic ishi kung nakita mo ok ung lalagyan, ok ung amoy but not sure sa laman., kumuha po kayu ng baso tas tagyan nyo ng tubig mga half siguro then patakan nyo po ng betadine mga 10 to 20 times tas kumuha kayo 1 capsule of ishi tapus buhos nyo po laman tas haluin niu if the betadine fade and the water turns to original color its authentic po pag hindi at natining lang sa ilalim ung betadine its 100% fake., :) based on my expirience

  11. Hi the bottle with black sealed that is an authentic and the one with blue its fake!!

  12. Hi the bottle with black sealed that is an authentic and the one with blue its fake!!

  13. ilang klase ang ishigaki gluthathione

  14. saan trusted store may supply ng premium brand wala na kasi sa cheska store eh salamat po .. .

  15. Go to Lazada and search for Elite Solutions. They are authentic seller. :)